Saturday, December 22, 2007


Pray as I crumble-
Fallen on broken knees-
Down to the dust-
Singing the songs of dead trees-
As decay lies with rust-
Seeds are sown from fire flies-
I thirst to be humble-
Away from the doom of lies-

Friday, December 21, 2007

Soul Showering

When I take my shower-
It reminds me of your warmness-
Melting and molding to the network of my skin-
Waters that morph my thoughts into yours-
Your voice echoes in the hum of facets and in rivers of pipes-

But you are far away, yet right here-
I don't know where, but I sense you in the excitement and the
pleasures of scolding steam-
and in the tingling bite of the sudden chilliness in surrounding air-
I turned to glance and no one was there to hold me-
but only vapors of my emotions clouding me over-

The shower ends with the vision dies cold-
Then returns in cracks and crevices of dreams-
When I shower again, I will your phantom always-
Haunting me forever.